Is EndNote X9, 20 or EndNote 21 CWYW compatible with MS Office 365 / MS Word 365?

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Yes, EndNote X9, 20 and EndNote 21 Cite While You Write (CWYW) both are compatible with Office 365 or MS Word 365. Office 365 is a subscription plan for the cloud/Online application. This subscription allows you to download MS Office 2019 or MS Word 2019 (or lower version). Login to your Office 365 account and download the Office 2019 (or lower version) and install it. Make sure you also have the latest patches and updates. After you have installed Office 2019 follow either of these two paths:

If you haven't installed EndNote X9, 20 or EndNote 21. Start the setup and install. Update to the latest version (Windows: Help > Check for Updates / Mac: EndNote > Check for Updates).

If you already have installed EndNote X9, 20 or EndNote 21 before installing Office 2019 (or lower version), just run 'Configure EndNote' (Windows) or 'EndNote customizer' (Mac).

Always close all MS Office applications (MS Word, Outlook, Excel etc.)


  1. Browse to the EndNote Program Files folder:

    64-bit Machines: C:\Program Files (x86)\EndNote X9\
                                  C:\Program Files (x86)\EndNote 20\
                                  C:\Program Files (x86)\EndNote 21\
    32-bit Machines: C:\Program Files\EndNote X9\
                                  C:\Program Files\EndNote 20\
                                  C:\Program Files\EndNote 21\ 
  2. Run the 'Configure EndNote.exe' utility.
  3. Make sure 'Configure EndNote components' is selected and click Next.
  4. Select Cite While You Write add-in for Microsoft Office and click Next.
  5. Click Finish.


  1. Click the EndNote menu and select 'Customizer'.
  2. Check the box in front of the 'Cite While You Write' option.
  3. Click next until the Customizer is finished. Open a library.


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