Press releases Ruby sponsor of the ANKOSLink 2016 event

PRESS RELEASE has engaged to be the Ruby sponsor of the ANKOSLink 2016 event

HAARLEM, March 12, 2016 -- With the engagement to be the Ruby sponsor of the ANKOSLink 2016 event, which will take place April 7-9, 2016 at the Kremlin Palace Convention Center in Kundu-Antalya, Turkey, underlines the importance of the members of the Anatolian University Libraries Consortium (ANKOS) and continues its dedication in providing Turkish universities, Turkish Research institutions and students with the industry standard and the most powerful research and reference manager on the market.

"We see a tremendous growth in interest and usage of Thomson Reuters EndNote, the industry standard bibliographic hybrid software for desktop, online and iPad® that is used by millions of researchers and students worldwide for publishing and managing citations and references. With EndNote’s latest features, which enable users to combine the advantages of desktop, online and iPad® in sharing libraries and to find the best potential journals to publish their research with manuscript matcher, Turkish organizations will have the ultimate tool for research & development helping them to collaborate, materialize know-how and improve their academic performance resulting in innovation and acceleration", says Suat Tuzgöl, CEO and founder of DISC bv and main sponsor at ANKOSLink 2015

PRESS RELEASE has engaged to be the main sponsor of the third ANKOSLink 2015 event

Important update EndNote X7.2 released


EndNote X7.2 enables sharing of research results for researchers