Patches for products

PatchesPublication date
EndNote 21.3 for Windows and Mac08/05/2024
EndNote 21.2 for Windows and Mac17/10/2023
EndNote 21.1 for Mac03/10/2023
EndNote 21.1 for Windows19/09/2023
EndNote 21.0.1 for Windows and Mac25/07/2023
EndNote 20.6 for Windows and Mac28/06/2023
EndNote 20.5 for Windows and Mac31/01/2023
EndNote 20.4.1 for Windows and 20.4 for Mac20/07/2022
EndNote 20.3 for Windows and Mac26/04/2022
EndNote 20.2.1 for Windows30/11/2021
EndNote 20.2 for Windows and Mac09/11/2021
EndNote 20.1 for Mac08/06/2021
EndNote 20.1 for Windows04/06/2021
EndNote 20.0.1 for Windows and Mac16/03/2021
EndNote X9.3.3 for Mac28/04/2020
EndNote X9.3.3 for Windows15/04/2020
EndNote X9.3.1 for Windows15/01/2020
EndNote X9.3.2 for Mac12/11/2019
EndNote X9.3.1 for Mac26/09/2019
EndNote X9.2 for Windows and Mac12/06/2019
EndNote X9.1 for Windows and Mac13/03/2019
EndNote X8.2 for Mac24/01/2018
EndNote X8.2 for Windows10/01/2018
EndNote X8.1 for Windows and Mac13/09/2017
EndNote X8.0.2 for Windows19/07/2017
EndNote X8.0.1 for Windows and Mac03/07/2017
EndNote X7.7.1 for Mac and Windows released28/10/2016
EndNote X7.7 for Mac and Windows01/09/2016
EndNote X7.6 for Mac24/08/2016
EndNote X7.5 for Windows29/03/2016
EndNote X7.5 Mac Update03/02/2016
EndNote Update X7.411/08/2015
EndNote Update X7.3.113/05/2015
EndNote Update X7.312/05/2015
EndNote Update X7.2.112/12/2014
EndNote Update X7.201/10/2014
EndNote Update X7.114/04/2014
EndNote Update X7.0.2 for Windows06/03/2014
EndNote Update X7.0.1 for Windows05/03/2014