EndNote X9 has been released

EndNote X9 - Research Smarter

There it is: EndNote X9. Many of you have ordered EndNote X9 already and should have received your license details and download links. If you haven't downloaded and using it please login to our shop and go to your 'My Account' section. For the ones who did not order already, please buy EndNote X9 now. If you have EndNote X7 or X8, choose the upgrade edition. Else buy the full version of EndNote X9. For the students, there is again the EndNote X9 Student edition.

MathType 7 now available

MathType 7 - Global solution for math and science

Edit, grade, calculate

MathType 7

MathType 7,


The popular equation editor Mathtype for Microsoft Word has been updated. The new online version of MathType is also seamlessly integrated into Google Docs.

Stop relying on cumbersome built-in math tools. Use MathType for a unified quality experience with all your digital solutions… word processors, presentation software, LMS platforms, assessment tools, and more…

MathType is a powerful equation editor for Windows and Macintosh that lets you create mathematical notation for word processing, presentations and many of your other favorite applications. Personalize your toolbar with the math expressions that you use more frequently. Speed up document creation. Easy numbering of your equations in your MS Word documents.

Type and handwrite mathematical notation with MathType. Easily include quality math equations in your documents and digital content.

Use MathType with your favourite Word processor:

  • MS Office 365 (Online) and 2016 for Windows
  • MS Office 2016 for Mac
  • Google Docs
  • WPS Office


EndNote X9 is now available

EndNote X9 -

EndNote X9 - Research Smarter

Why EndNote X9? As a researcher, you are constantly juggling diferent roles, dealing with competing demands on your time, and coordinating not only your own activities in publishing research but also those of your collaborators around the department and around the world.

EndNote X9 is the reference management sofware that not only frees you from the tedious work of manually collecting and curating your research materials and formatting bibliographies, but also gives you greater ease and control in coordinating with your colleagues.

This means you can research smarter with EndNote X9. How?

  • EndNote X9 - Smarter teamwork
  • EndNote X9 - Smarter workflow
  • EndNote X9 - Smarter insights - Powered by Web of Science

EndNote X9 -

EndNote X8.2 for Mac

January 23, 2018-- EndNote X8.2 is now available for Mac.

The EndNote X8.2 Mac (Build: update contains:

  • Cite While You Write add-in compatibility for Microsoft Word 2016, version 16.x
  • Compatibility with macOS High Sierra

EndNote X8.2 for Windows

January 09, 2018-- EndNote X8.2 is now available for Windows.

The EndNote X8.2 Windows (Build: update contains:

  • Improved Full Text performance with restored retrieval from IEEE and Taylor & Francis
  • Issue attaching non-PDF files as relative links has been resolved
  • Issue with syncing libraries whose pathnames contain non-ASCII characters has been corrected
  • Rectified "Unable to contact online service" error when syncing/uploading a library which contained an empty file attachment
  • Restored ability to scroll in Connection Status window
  • Resolved issue where deleting PDFs from the library failed to also remove them from the library's data folder
  • You can now drag and drop to attach .zip, .epub, .mp4 and .mp3 files

EndNote X8.1 for Windows and Mac

September 12, 2017-- EndNote X8.1 is now available for Windows and Mac.

The EndNote X8.1 Windows (Build: update contains:

  • Revised and updated bibliographic style, online search and import filter files
  • Proxy support for online search
  • Improved Full Text performance with restored:
    • retrieval from IEEE Xplore
    • ability for users to connect to their library's catalog with a SFX OpenURL resolver
  • Automatically merge updates to unsaved references when syncing
  • Restored ability to scroll in Connection Status window
  • Sync updates and improvements
  • Improved visibility of PDF search field for Windows 10 users

The EndNote X8.1 Mac (Build: update contains:

  • Revised and updated bibliographic style, online search and import filter files
  • Improved Full Text performance with restored:
    • retrieval from IEEE Xplore
    • ability for users to connect to their library's catalog with a SFX OpenURL resolver
  • Automatically merge updates to unsaved references when syncing
  • Sync updates and improvements

EndNote X8.0.2 for Windows

July 19, 2017-- EndNote X8.0.2 is now available for Windows.

PDF display and annotation: 

  • Fully functional PDF viewer for users with a home folder that contains East Asian characters. Japanese characters in user account name no longer cause error message of "Bad text block" to appear each time the EndNote library is opened.
  • References with attachments created on the iPad app will display the PDF file name in the Title field when no other metadata is entered.
  • Sticky notes inserted on PDF in iPad app are reflected in Win desktop after sync.
  • `Sticky Note` and `Highlight Text` icons of the PDF toolbar are re-enabled
  • Sticky notes added to PDF no longer show as Blank.
  • User is able to rotate PDF with sticky notes clockwise OR counterclockwise and the sticky notes and highlighted box are not separated.
  • User can zoom in on PDF with sticky notes
  • User is able to move the sticky note by clicking and dragging it
  • User able to delete sticky note using Delete key
  • User is able to delete annotation which is already existed from previous build by right click and selecting "delete annotation" option.
  • The "Find" text box appears in the PDF annotation toolbar at all times, not just when the cursor is hovered over the blank space in the tool bar.
  • User is able to highlight text within PDF and is given visual indicator of text selection with gray or blue background.
  • Annotation buttons are active for all PDFs.
  • User underlining text in PDF will see that the line is now under the selected text.
  • Sticky notes no longer show blank box while trying to add them to PDF.

Find Full Text functionality:

  • Find Full Text functionality restored with AIP (American Institute of Physics) and Taylor & Francis publications.
  • Find Full Text performance with OpenURL improved.
  • After clicking on Find Full Text through the Reference menu "Copyright" message no longer displays.

Automatically Update

In EndNote X8, under the "Help" menu, choose "Check for Updates...".

EndNote X8.0.1 for Windows and Mac

EndNote X8.0.1 is now available for Windows and Mac.

The EndNote X8.0.1 Windows update contains an IMPORTANT fix for the application freeze which occurs after a user executes a search via the PDF viewer toolbar.

The EndNote X8.0.1 Mac update contains the following optimizations and fixes:

  • Restore Unfiled Group reference count display upon library launch
  • Improved metadata retrieval for reference creation upon PDF import
  • Improved Full Text performance including better retrieval based on DOI and from the following sites and services:
    • ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers)
    • Allen Press
    • Annual Reviews
    • Emerald
    • Future Medicine
    • Institution of Civil Engineers
    • JSTOR
    • Microbiology Society
    • MIT Press Journals
    • Nature
    • New England Journal of Medicine
    • SAGE
    • Scitation/AIP (American Institute of Physics)
    • Taylor & Francis
    • ScienceDirect
  • Restored links to Online User Guide under Help menu