EndNote X8.0.2 for Windows

July 19, 2017-- EndNote X8.0.2 is now available for Windows.

PDF display and annotation: 

  • Fully functional PDF viewer for users with a home folder that contains East Asian characters. Japanese characters in user account name no longer cause error message of "Bad text block" to appear each time the EndNote library is opened.
  • References with attachments created on the iPad app will display the PDF file name in the Title field when no other metadata is entered.
  • Sticky notes inserted on PDF in iPad app are reflected in Win desktop after sync.
  • `Sticky Note` and `Highlight Text` icons of the PDF toolbar are re-enabled
  • Sticky notes added to PDF no longer show as Blank.
  • User is able to rotate PDF with sticky notes clockwise OR counterclockwise and the sticky notes and highlighted box are not separated.
  • User can zoom in on PDF with sticky notes
  • User is able to move the sticky note by clicking and dragging it
  • User able to delete sticky note using Delete key
  • User is able to delete annotation which is already existed from previous build by right click and selecting "delete annotation" option.
  • The "Find" text box appears in the PDF annotation toolbar at all times, not just when the cursor is hovered over the blank space in the tool bar.
  • User is able to highlight text within PDF and is given visual indicator of text selection with gray or blue background.
  • Annotation buttons are active for all PDFs.
  • User underlining text in PDF will see that the line is now under the selected text.
  • Sticky notes no longer show blank box while trying to add them to PDF.

Find Full Text functionality:

  • Find Full Text functionality restored with AIP (American Institute of Physics) and Taylor & Francis publications.
  • Find Full Text performance with OpenURL improved.
  • After clicking on Find Full Text through the Reference menu "Copyright" message no longer displays.

Automatically Update

In EndNote X8, under the "Help" menu, choose "Check for Updates...".