EndNote X7.5 - X7.7.1 or EndNote X8 Windows or Mac: Missing or non-functional CWYW in MS Word 2016

EndNote X7.5 through X7.7.1 and EndNote X8 for Windows or Mac: Cite While You Write (CWYW) tools are disabled or missing in MS Word 2016 (MS Office 2016)

If you have installed EndNote X7.5 or higher or EndNote X8 and the Cite While You Write (CWYW) toolbar does not appear in MS Word 2016 or the CWYW tools do not function as expected, please follow the following instructions:

If you have EndNote X7, update EndNote to version X7.7.1 (latest X7 version).  Update to the latest version (Windows: Help > Check for Updates / Mac: EndNote > Check for Updates). You will need EndNote version X7.5 or higher or EndNote version X8.
To see which version you have on Windows choose 'Help > About EndNote' and on Mac 'EndNote > About EndNote'.

The same applies for MS Word 2016. Update your MS Word 2016 to the latest updated version.

If the CWYW tools do not work or the EndNote X7 or X8 CWYW toolbar/ribbon does not appear:

Please follow the Windows or the Mac troubleshooting items:


Check 1

  1. Word 2016: Click on the File ribbon and select 'Options'.
  2. Click on 'Add-ins'.
  3. Change the 'Manage' options to 'Disabled Items' (bottom of the screen).
  4. Click Go.
  5. Highlight any EndNote item(s) and click 'Enable'.
  6. Click OK.

Try the CWYW tools again.


Check 2

  1. Close MS Word and browse to the EndNote Program Files folder:

    64-bit Machines: C:\Program Files (x86)\EndNote X7\
                                  C:\Program Files (x86)\EndNote X8\
    32-bit Machines: C:\Program Files\EndNote X7\
                                  C:\Program Files\EndNote X8\
  2. Run the 'Configure EndNote.exe' utility.
  3. Make sure 'Configure EndNote components' is selected and click Next.
  4. Select Cite While You Write add-in for Microsoft Office and click Next.
  5. Click Finish.
    Note: The message may read that the Configuration was cancelled.
  6. Open Microsoft Word and look for the EndNote X7 or the EndNote X8 tools in the ribbon.


Check 3

After installing EndNote X7 or EndNote X8 the EndNote X7 or EndNote X8 Cite While You Write (CWYW) toolbar/ribbon was available in MS Word, however after restaring MS Word it has disappeared. EndNote X7 or EndNote X8 is not visible or active.

  1. Start MS Word as ‘Administrator’:
      Start > Run > RIGHT mouse click MS Word 2016 > More > Run as administrator
  2. Go to: File > Options > Add-ins
  3. Choose ‘Com Add ins’ and click ‘Go’.
  4. Check ‘EndNote Cite While You Write’ and click ‘Remove’.
  5. Close MS Word.
  6. Start MS Word again as ‘Administrator’:
      Start > Run > RIGHT mouse click MS Word 2016 > More > Run as administrator
  7. Go to: File > Options > Add-ins
  8. Choose ‘Com Add ins’ and click ‘Go’.
  9. Click ‘Add’.
  10. Browse to folder:
      EndNote X8: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ResearchSoft\Cwyw\18\
      EndNote X7: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ResearchSoft\Cwyw\17\
  11. Select/Click ‘EndNote Cwyw.dll’

    If this file isn't available please follow up 'Check 2' Windows (above) first.
  12. Click ‘Ok’.
  13. Close MS Word.
  14. Start MS Word as normal.
  15. Now the EndNote X8 toolbar should be available.


Check 4

  1. Browse to 'C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\Normal.dotm'. Rename the 'Normal.dotm' to 'Normal.dotm_bak'. MS Word will re-create the file when restarted.
  2. Start MS Word


Check 5

With Word 2010/2013/2016, the Ribbon tab may also be unchecked.

  1. Click on the File menu and select Options.
  2. Click on Customize Ribbon and Check EndNote if it is unchecked.
  3. Click OK to display the EndNote tab in the Word Ribbon.


Check 6

If the option to 'Disable all Application Add-ins' is checked in Word 2016, that can also cause the tools to not appear. To turn off this setting, do the following:

  1. MS Word 2016: Click on the File ribbon and select 'Options'.
  2. Click on 'Trust Center'.
  3. Click 'Trust Center Settings'.
  4. Click 'Add-ins'.
  5. Uncheck 'Disable all Application Add-ins (may impair functionality)' and click OK.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Exit Word and then re-open it.



Check 1

  1. EndNote X8 (or X7.7.1): Start EndNote X8 (or X7.7.1).
  2. Open Word. In Word, click on the Word menu and select About Word. Make sure this reads at least version 15.23. If you do not have this version click on the Help menu and select Check for Updates. Follow the steps to update Word.

    EndNote X8 (or X7.7.1): Close Word and go to EndNote.
  3. Click the EndNote menu and select 'Customizer'.
  4. Check the box in front of the 'Cite While You Write' option.
  5. Click next until the Customizer is finished. Open a library.
  6. Then open Word 2016 and check the Ribbon for the EndNote tab.  (NOTE: The EndNote CWYW tools no longer appear under the Tools menu; rather appears as a separate tab in Word).


Check 2

  1. Close Word and EndNote.
  2. Open your hard drive and go to the following folder:

    EndNote X8: Applications: EndNote X8: Cite While You Write
    EndNote X7: Applications: EndNote X7: Cite While You Write
  3. Copy the file 'EndNote CWYW Word 2016.bundle' by highlighting the file and going to 'Edit > Copy'.
  4. Go to the folder '[Hard Drive Name] : Library : Application Support : Microsoft : Office365 : User Content : Startup : Word' and paste the file, 'Edit > Paste'.

    Note: If you have trouble finding the above location you need to click on Finder (in the Dock the icon of a face) to the right of Finder click on the Go menu then click on Computer then click on the Macintosh Hard Drive. You should then be able to follow the path above.
    Note: In non-English versions of Word, the folder named 'Startup' may be called 'Start' or be in the localized language of Word.
  5. Start Word, go to 'Word > Preferences' and click on 'File Locations'.
  6. If the Startup folder is set to any location, highlight 'Startup' (see above note at item 3) and click on 'Reset'.
  7. Click 'OK' and Quit Word.
  8. Start EndNote and then start Word

    Regarding step 3:

    NOTE: If you do not see the "EndNote CWYW Word 2016.bundle" file in the "Applications: EndNote X8: Cite While You Write" folder (or if this file is not the most up to date version), you can follow these steps: 
    Download a copy of the latest EndNote online tools here. Run this file and follow the steps to install the tools in Word.

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