Output Styles

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Style or Journal Name Citation Style Disciplinesort descending Date
Journal of Physiology and Biochemistry Non-superscripted Number Biology 2015/07/14 Download
Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy Non-superscripted Number Pharmacology 2015/02/27 Download
Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology Non-superscripted Number Pharmacology 2020/02/20 Download
APA 6th Author-Year-Cited Pages Psychology 2015/06/03 Download
Ankara University Natural and Applied Sciences Thesis Style Author-Year Medicine 2022/12/15 Download
Journal of Clinical and Analytical Medicine Non-superscripted Number Medicine 2015/08/08 Download
Bezmiâlem Vakıf University Health Sciences Institute Thesis (Turkish) Non-superscripted Number Medicine 2017/05/04 Download
The Annals of Eurasian Medicine Non-superscripted Number Medicine 2015/08/28 Download
AOT Acta Oncologica Turcica Non-superscripted Number Medicine 2022/04/27 Download
ENT Updates Superscripted Number Medicine 2015/05/28 Download